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Santos Digital Human Modeling Introduced into RMIT University Biomechanics Course

RMIT University will integrate Santos digital human modeling software into its undergraduate Engineering Biomechanics courses and research activities. RMIT University, a public university in Melbourne, Australia, is taking advantage of the Santos University Program to enable students to learn how to measure, calculate, analyze and interpret forces and movements acting on the human body using Santos technology. They will also learn design and analytical skills for computer human modeling.

Steve Beck, CEO with SantosHuman Inc., said Santos looks forward to seeing how RMIT applies Santos’ predictive technology in classrooms and research labs.

“We’re excited to extend the global reach of the Santos University Program into Australia,” Beck said. “RMIT should immediately see the benefits of using the Santos digital human model in teaching undergraduates about biomechanics in sports, ergonomics and rehabilitation. It will also prove extremely useful in researching product development to improve human interaction and reduce injuries.”

RMIT University Biomechanics Students

Final year undergraduate students presenting their innovative engineering solutions at EnGenius 2019, organized by the School of Engineering, RMIT University.

“In today’s complex and fast-moving world, at RMIT University we rely on Santos digital human models to ensure our teaching, research and industry collaborations are at the cutting edge,” said Dr. Toh Yen Pang, a Senior Lecturer at RMIT. “Santos technology can help our researchers, industrial designers and engineers develop and market innovative, high-value products for the global marketplace.”

An expert in computer-aided engineering and design, Dr. Pang added that the Santos digital human model offers one of the best mechanisms to anticipate real-world problems to minimize trial-and-error and move toward virtual means of product design and development.

The Santos University Program partners with institutes of higher education to provide its products for non-commercial, educational, and/or research purposes. The most recent partnerships in Europe and North and South America now include Nipissing University, University of Michigan-Dearborn, University of California-Berkeley, Oregon State University, Politecnico di Milano, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, the University of Waterloo, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology and Lakehead University.