New Work-In-Progress Videos: Supporting Human-Machine Teaming

Work-In-Progress Video 001: Supporting the Development & Evaluation of Human-Machine Teaming Systems

It seems like we’re always working on something we’re excited about. But, once the capability exists and we’ve moved on to refinement mode, we’ve already set our sights on the next thing. That’s the problem with goals—you focus on them while they seem difficult or impossible to achieve, but as soon as you’ve done the hard work to make them attainable, you move on to the next challenge. Unfortunately, this often occurs without even noticing that you’ve accomplished something you weren’t even sure you could achieve when you started.

That’s just human nature. We all do it. But, for SantosHuman Inc., I need to do better. I need to make sure we highlight the achievements along the way.  With that in mind, we’re going to start letting you in on the things we’re working on—while we’re all still excited about working on them.

This first installment of the Work-In-Progress series demonstrates a capability goal we’ve been working towards for a very long time.  The ability to use Santos technologies in the development and evaluation of human-machine teaming (collaboration robotics, human-agent teaming systems, etc.) will very soon be available within our flagship product, Santos® Pro.

Take a look and let us know what you think.  We’d love to hear from you.

-Steve Beck