Santos Pro Experience.

A proof-of-concept interactive guide into Santos® Pro, Santos® Pro Experience, is available at Santos Pro Experience.

Developed to be a foundational platform for human-centric, virtual product design and analysis, Santos® Pro is a highly flexible and feature-rich environment which can provide solutions for any digital human modeling requirement. However, as with any feature-rich application, providing new or casual users with a contextual, introductory overview of the many capabilities and features available within Santos® Pro is a significant challenge.

The Santos® Institute is making its Proof-of-Concept effort, “The Santos® Pro Experience”, available for your review and feedback.  In addition, feel free to invite friends and colleagues to experiment with it as well.  The more feedback received, the better (and more useful) this experience will be.


WorldViz and SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) have begun co-development to integrate SHI predictive models into the Worldviz VR development platform, enabling users to rapidly develop virtual reality applications that accurately reflect and predict human physical performance and interactions with virtual objects and environments.

Santos® Featured in the Huffington Post

Dr. Karim Abdel-Malek, professor of biomedical engineering at the University of Iowa and co-creator of Santos® was interviewed by The Huffington Post regarding the Virtual Soldier Research (VSR) program at the university.

“The software has the ability to be used in almost any industry: fashion design, automobile manufacturing, athletics, ergonomics, etc.,” said Dr. Karium Abdel-Malek.

Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)

SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) and the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO)  have begun the first phase in a planned multi-phase program designed to assist TNO in achieving their goals of reducing Warfighter injury associated with carrying too much heavy and bulky equipment as well as enhancing Warfighter performance and interaction with equipment.

Santos® Technologies Featured in The Ergonomist

SantosHuman’s capabilities were recently featured in April 2015 edition of The Ergonomist, a monthly magazine by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors which features individuals and companies who work in fields related to ergonomics and human factors.

New Version of Santos® Pro Now Available – Changes Included

Due to upcoming Santos® Technology-related products, the Digital Human Modeling & Simulation environment that contains all existing capabilities that continue to be developed since 2003 (formerly Santos®) is now called Santos® Pro.

Detroit Engineering Products (DEP) chooses Santos®

Detroit Engineering Products (DEP) has chosen to showcase the capabilities in Santos®, one of SantosHuman Inc.’s products, at their 2015 Conclave, Advanced Optimization Technologies for Rapid Product Development.

SantosHuman Inc. continues its support of the Naval Post Graduate School (Monterey, CA) in 2015

SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) has been providing the Naval Post Graduate School (NPS) with assistance in its courses on Digital Human Modeling and Simulation since 2012. This semester’s course, MV4501 Simulation Application Practicum, provides students with extensive laboratory experience applying simulations to address a defense capability gap using simulation-based systems.

Santos® Now Includes Precision Grasping

As a result of ongoing efforts with one of SantosHuman’s significant research partners, Santos® now has capabilities that include full integration and coupling its predictive models for whole-body posture and precision grasping. Improvements in the algorithms used to couple autonomous posture prediction with precision grasping were also achieved. The next Phase in the development of advanced grasping prediction capabilities as outlined in a comprehensive, multi-year, road map with this research partner is being planned now and expected to begin soon.

SantosHuman Inc. Celebrates its 7th Anniversary

Founded on July 28th, 2008, SantosHuman Inc. celebrates its 7th anniversary today.