Congratulations to Dr. Nick La Delfa and Dr. Jim Potvin (Prof. Emer., McMasters University), whose Arm Force Field method paper will be published in Applied Ergonomics in March 2017 but is now available online.

The ‘Arm Force Field’ method, accessible through Santos® Pro and Lite via the AFF Plug-in, is the most accurate and most extensively validated method of predicting manual arm force available today.

SHI to Showcase at Innovation Expo 2016

The Innovation Expo 2016 will be held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Cedar Rapids Convention Complex this Wednesday, October 26th.

This event features over 100 entrepreneurs and inventors to talk with you about their Iowa businesses in a convention-like setting.

We’ll be there at our booth during the Entrepreneur Showcase from 4:30pm to 7:00pm so stop by and say hello.

SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) is pleased to welcome Lockheed Martin to its growing list of global brands that use Santos® Pro.  SHI’s clients include some of the most highly recognized companies in the world from industries spanning heavy construction, aerospace, automotive, lawn and garden, engineering, agriculture, consumer goods, and defense.

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for a limited time, $960 provides a 

The most accurate and extensively validated method of predicting exposure to risk of injury for tasks involving manual arm strength available today is called the Arm Force Field (AFF).  This method is now available through the Santos® AFF Plug-In and for a limited time, $960 provides a 1 year license of Santos® Lite bundled with the Santos® AFF Plug-In.

Santos® Lite now comes bundled with the AFF Plug-in

The bundled packaged provides the user with a basic set of Santos® state of the art human modeling and simulation technologies with the only existing means of accessing the most accurate and extensively validated method of predicting exposure to risk of injury for any activity involving manual arm strength available today.

Enterprise IOWA Newsletter.

SantosHuman® Inc. has been featured in the latest issue of the Enterprise IOWA Newsletter.Discussed in the article is the recent release of our newest product, the Santos® Arm’s Force Field plug-in module. The AFF® Plug-In is the only product on the market that tends to the need for integrated and linked models that help address more complex problems.

New Avatar Capabilities

SantosHuman is working with a potential partner to see if Santos®-compatible avatars can effectively and efficiently be provided from a massive and very well-known anthropometric database. The accompanying clip shows initial testing of a prototype avatar using basic Santos® capabilities.

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Santos® Pro provided free to educational institutions in the United States

SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) will be providing Santos® Pro free to educational institutions in the United States following the delivery of GruntSim® to the United Stated Marine Corps.

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"Need a Hand? SantosHuman, Inc. Releases Cutting-Edge Arm Module."

The Santos® Arm Force Field (AFF) plug-in module provides access to the most accurate method for predicting manual arm strength (MAS) available today.

Also mentioned in The Univeristy of Iowa news article “Need a Hand? SantosHuman, Inc. Releases Cutting-Edge Arm Module.”

PREMUS 2016 Conference in Toronto, Canada

On June 20-23, 2016, PREMUS, the 9th International Scientific Conference on the Prevention of Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders, is taking place in Toronto, Canada.

A variety of professionals, including scientists, researchers, and ergonomists, come together to discuss their shared interests in understanding the causes and prevalence work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).