Congratulations to Tom Wujec, Autodesk Fellow, Adjunct Professor at Singularity University, and multiple TED Conference speaker on his new book, “The Future of Making” which features a 7 page exposé on the use of Hand Modeling at Procter & Gamble (P&G), highlighting the use of Santos® technologies.

SantosHuman Inc. (SHI) and P&G have collaborated on the development of a sophisticated predictive hand grasp model that continues since 2012 and Prof. Wujec’s book features Lauren Banzhaf and her ground breaking work at P&G.

EDITORS NOTE: An excerpt from “The Future of Making”, by Tom Wujec, covering the work Procter & Gamble is doing with the Santos® Predictive Hand Model is now available for free download here.

Special thanks to the publishers, Melcher Media; Autodesk Fellow, Tom Wujec; and Procter & Gamble; for providing this high-quality excerpt and the permission to make it available free of charge.

“The Future of Making”, by Tom Wujec can be purchased here.