The Future of Making Book

The Future of Making,

Congratulations to Tom Wujec, Autodesk Fellow, Adjunct Professor at Singularity University, and multiple TED Conference speaker on his new book, The Future of Making, which features a 7-page exposé on the use of Hand Modeling at Procter & Gamble (P&G), highlighting the use of Santos® technologies. SantosHuman Inc. and P&G have collaborated on the development of a sophisticated predictive hand grasp model that continues since 2012. Prof. Wujec’s book features Lauren Banzhaf and her ground-breaking work at P&G.

The Future of Making BookEDITOR’S NOTE: An excerpt from The Future of Making by Tom Wujec, covering the work Procter & Gamble is doing with the Santos® Predictive Hand Model, is now available for free download.
Read The Future of Making excerpt now.

Special thanks to the publishers, Melcher Media; Autodesk Fellow, Tom Wujec; and Procter & Gamble; for providing this high-quality excerpt and the permission to make it available free of charge.

The Future of Making, by Tom Wujec can be purchased here.